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Lhasa Bichon Breeder

Welcome to Pure Bred Pups in Joice Iowa!

A Lhasa Bichon puppy offers you happiness as a dog owner. How? They are just too beautiful, cuddly, and affectionate of animals not to put a smile on your face. These puppies for sale come from a professional dog breeder. We here at Purebred Pups offer all kinds of unique dogs for sale. This Lhasa Bichon is one prime example of our available dogs, and how beautiful they begin as puppies, growing up into loyal dogs who like going for long walks around the park or playing fetch with their owners.

It’s the perfect family pet, but can get annoyed when young children get rough or begin to grab it. Still, the puppy will be a pleasant experience to be around. A mix of a purebred Lhasa Apso mother and purebred Bichon Frise father, these pups do offer things which make them appealing to children, like how playful, sturdy, and affectionate they are.

Why go for small puppies? We do offer many quality big puppies for sale here on Purebred Pups, but for smaller home owner or apartment residents, a small puppy like the Lhasa Bichon is a perfect addition to a home. The Lhasa Bichon dogs for sale will grow up to be about 9-11 inches tall and weight 9-14 pounds. Our puppies have a round head, short lugs, and slightly pointed muzzle. The Lhasa Bichon has soft flowing hair which is either wavy or straight, making them a true picture sitting in the home with their owners.

What makes these dogs for sale different? First, the Lhasa Bichon will have little shedding problems. They shed very little if at all, and their hair looks cute trimmed. You can say goodbye to hours spent trying to keep the coat clean by combing. They also are energetic dogs, even with their demeanor. They are more than willing to play with their owners.

We promise satisfaction with this puppy. If it comes to have any health problems or there are issues with its genetics, we offer a 1 year money back guarantee. You will have a rare breed which is perfect for singles or the elderly, because it has all the right characteristics that a companion dog should have. We specialize in dog breeding, especially puppies just like the Lhasa Bichon. You will find it to be a pleasant dog to be around, to play with, and as a close companion.

Lhasa Bichon Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Lhasa Bichon for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Lhasa Bichon become available.

Lhasa Bichon Past Litters

Ready September 4th, 2012. Shipping Lhasa Bichon puppies by Delta Air Is Available for $150 out of Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota. Most fights out of Minnesota are Direct. One Year Money Back Guarantee on Health and Genetics for the Sale Price of the Puppy.

Lhasa Bichon Sold Dogs