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Welcome to Purebred Pups


Welcome to Purebred Pups, where you can find all breeds of puppies for sale, from the unique to the incredibly beautiful. Why not go to a trusted, family owned purebred pup breeder who has some of the best socialized pups around? We have everything you need for a truly enjoyable experience with a new purebred pup.

We specialize in quality, which shows in all the pictures we provide for pups, and in the referrals from satisfied customers all over the country. The Shipley family had this to say about their experience buying a pup from us: "I give your website to all who ask about him...you do a great job!" Take a peak at our referrals page, and you will see how serious we are about making this less like a business and more like finding new homes for cute pups.

Available Pups

A Trusted Seller

A Trusted Seller

Why not purchase from a trusted seller? We offer all the advantages of a local puppy breeder with a more family approach to raising our pups. Puppy breeding is truly a joy for us, and we hope it shows. We have sold purebred pups for over 24 years, always getting high marks from our customers.

Purebredpups has well socialized happy puppies like the Cockapoo, Miniature schnoodle, Shih Tzu Bichon, Bichon Poodle, Standard and Mini Golden Doodles, Labradoodles, Miniature Bernedoodles, and more. Our puppies can be flown into Illinois, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, California, Maine, Canada, Alaska and almost everything in between. Every pup comes with a 1 year money back guarantee on health and genetics. Our promise is you will be satisfied with the pups you choose from us. We have a variety of new pups being bred, both male and female. The birth date for each pup is shown next to their cute pictures, which also shows how serious we are about keeping these pups healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Our Breeds

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

Puppy breeding is a fine art, one which takes work and time. It may seem hard to buy a pup off the internet, until you see the cute pictures, the dates of birth, and most importantly, the referrals we have received from dozens of satisfied customers.

For a great variety, come to us. You could be holding a brand new pup, in your home, who is already socialized, and again, comes with a guarantee of health and genetics.

Puppy breeding a serious business. When you look for puppies for sale, often you will see low quality breeding for high prices. It's different here at Purebred Pups. We have a more homestyle approach to raising socialized, healthy pups who will pay you back day after day with beauty and joy at a fair price.

We promise an enjoyable experience in dealing with us. Whatever the purebred pup you need, PureBred Pups wishes for your return when you've decided to get the pup of your dreams.

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