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Female Lhasa Bichon Pup for sale in Joice Iowa DOB 10-20-14

Female Lhasa Bichon Pup for sale in Joice Iowa DOB 10-20-14  3 Female Lhasa Bichon Pup for sale in Joice Iowa DOB 10-20-14  2 Female Lhasa Bichon Pup for sale in Joice Iowa DOB 10-20-14
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Have you been looking for teddy bear puppies for sale in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Iowa?  Purebredpups is an Iowa dog breeder centrally located near the small north Iowa town of Joice.  Brian and Karen Sterrenberg have been Iowa dog breeders for over twenty years.  All of the mixed breed puppies are a Bichon or Poodle mix.  The female lachon posted above is the result of breeding a purebred female Lhasa to a purebred Male Bichon.  While there are many different names for this teddy bear mix, Lhasa Bichon or Lachon would be the most common. 

This teddy bear puppy was born October 20th 2014.  Most of the dogs in this litter are tri-color.  Talk about a rainbow of color too.  If you miss out on this teddy bear litter, the next litter will be ready near the end of February just before Christmas. 

Do you want to buy a puppy from the top dog breeders in Iowa but need shipping?  All of the mixes sold by this Iowa breeder can be flown for $200 airfare. There will be a $50 fee for a health cert. and new crate.  The crate is the appropriate size to start training in.  It is yours to keep once the puppy shows up.  Most flights will be direct out of Minneapolis MN into your biggest closest airport.

If you are buying one of the teddy bears for sale you will need to order some food.  Life’s Abundance is a holistic health food for dogs with no fillers or preservatives.  It is NOT sold in stores.  You have to sign up for it via a vet, groomer or breeder.  Here is the link to sign up. www.lifesabundance.com/discounts  Sign up as an auto ship customer and you will receive a discount on the price.   

Here is another great reason to sign up for the auto shipping.  All of the Lhasa bichon Puppies for sale come with a one year money back guarantee on health and genetics for the purchase price of the puppy.  This will become a two year guarantee if you order the Life’s abundance health food under the auto ship.  The puppies will already be on it so there is no switching necessary.  It has one of the best ratings a dry dog food can have.  It also has live probiotics. 

Purebredpups is not your average teddy bear breeder.  Most Lhasa Bichon breeders will require you to take your new puppy to a vet within the first 72 hours or their guarantee is void.  Not at Purebredpups.  The vaccinations, preventions and worming will be given right up until the time they leave Brian and Karen.  It will take about two or three weeks before any more boosters or worm prevention will be necessary.  Three weeks after arriving will be a perfect time to visit your local vet.  Remember, most people are visiting the vet with a sick dog.  The vet’s office is a great place to pick something up.  Please wait till the puppy has settled in to your home for the three weeks.  It is a good idea to leave the puppy in the crate while at the vet and give a bath once you return home.  Cleaning your shoes will be the next best idea.  Foot traffic is a great way to pick stuff up too.

Brian and Karen are full time dog breeders.  They can be reached at 1-641-588-3110. Or by e-mail brian@purebredpups.com  Purebredpups is open every day by appointment.  Come and meet the Sterrenberg family!  They love to show off ALL of their dogs!  Find out for yourself what the difference is between a Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota breeder!

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