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Dark Chocolate and White Schnoodle Puppy for Sale DOB 5-20-2023 $1200

Back Side of Female Schnoodle Professionally Bred Miniature Schnoodle Litter Iowa Girl, Chocolate and White Green Eyed Baby Schnoodle Pup for Sale Female F1 Chocolate and White
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Get Ready to Fall Head over Heels for Our delightful F1 Miniature Schnoodle.  With her amazing Green Eyes and Her Adorable Round Chocolate Markings, She's Truly a One-of-a -Kind Beauty.  At an Estimated Full-Grown Weight of 12-15lbs She's the Prefect size for Both Cuddling and Playing.  Whether it's Joining you on Outdoor Adventures or Snuggling up on the Couch, Shes always up for a good Time.  Her Playful Nature is Balanced with a Calm Demeanor, making her an Ideal Choice for Families or Individuals seeking a Well-Rounded Companion.  One of the Most Endearing Qualities if this Miniature Schnoodle is her Unwavering Gaze.  Her Green Eyes are Simply Mesmerizing, and She can't seem to Take them off of you.  From the Moment you meet, you'll be Captivated by her Heartfelt connection and Unwavering Devotion.  When it Comes to Her Appearance, this Schnoodle sister is a sight to Behold.  Her back is adorned with Several Round Dark Chocolate Markings, making her Stand out in a crowd.  These Unique Markings only add to her Individuality and Make her a Truly Distinctive and Eye-Catching Companion.  While She loves Playtime an Exploration, This Charming pup also Has a Soft Spot for Being Held.  Whenever you Pick her Up, She Immediately Relaxes in Your Arms, Melting into a Stat of Pure Contentment.  Her affectionate Nature and Love for Humna Interaction Make her the Perfect Lapdog and Content Source of Comfort.  Like Her Brother, this Miniature Schnoodle has Been Raised in a Loving Environment, ensuring she is Well-Socialized and Ready to Become a Cherished member of Your Family.  Don't miss your change to Bring Home this Wonderful Schnoodle With her Unique Chocolate Marking and Soulful Green Eyes.  Contact us Today to Arrange a Meeting and Experience her Irresistible Charm Firsthand.  You Won't be able to Resist her loving and Playful Sprit!

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