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Goldendoodles Born July 23, 2012-For Sale

Goldendoodles Born July 23, 2012-For Sale
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Just call 1-641-588-3110  to speak with me about this puppy!  Thanks, Brian

This Goldendoodle puppy will be ready to go home as early as eight weeks of age.  The September 17th 2012 shipping date will be the pups earliest date ready.  The father of this Goldendoodle is a Standard Poodle.  He is about 50lbs.  The mother is a Golden retreiver.   She is about 40lbs.  The pups should be in the middle.  The mother is not a long haired golden.  Just on the belly and legs.  This will help to be even less shedding.  These colors should not change much.  They do lighten up a little.   Puppies can fly on Delta direct flights out of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota airport.  Shipping only takes a few hours with a direct flight.  Minneapolis is a hub for Delta.  There are direct flights to all over this way.  Shipping is only $150.  Most breeders charge over $250 for shipping.  All of the Goldendoodle puppies for sale here are very friendly and outgoing.   The Goldendoodles have receive tons of TLC.  It shows in all of  them!   We are within driving distance of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota.  You are welcome to pick up puppies here!   Purebred pups is open by appointment daily.  Please Call If you are buying a puppy from me you will need to order some food. Here is the link www.lifesabundance.com/puppydiscounts You do not want to switch the food. Order as soon as you can so the food is ready and waiting. Life's Abundance is a premium holistic health food for puppies and adult dogs. The best part is... it cost the same as cheap dog food but has no fillers or bi products. Dogs eat way less than 1$ a day. Most health issues in older dogs are a direct link to the food they were fed in life. This is the perfect time to do the right thing for your new pup and order on the auto shipping program. If you sign your new puppy up on the (auto shipping) I will extent my one year guarantee out one more year to two years on the health and genetics.

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