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Female schnoodle #18 Puppy sale DOB 12-5-13 Schnoodles for sale at a lower Price|Top Quality schnoodle Breeder

Female schnoodle #18 Puppy sale DOB 12-5-13 Schnoodles for sale at a lower Price|Top Quality schnoodle Breeder
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Purebredpups would like to present the first of the 2014 schnoodle Puppies for sale.  Schnoodles were Born December 5th 2013 and will be ready on or after Feb. 1st 2014. 

If you are buying a schnoodle from me you will need to order some food. Here is the link https://www.lifesabundance.com/discounts Do not switch the food. Order as soon as you can so the food is ready and
waiting. Life's Abundance is a premium holistic health food for puppies and adult dogs. The best part is... it costs the same as cheap dog food but has no fillers or bi products. Dogs eat way less than 1$ a day. Most health issues in older dogs are a direct link to the food they were fed during their life. This is the perfect time to do the right thing for your new pup and order on the auto shipping program. If you sign your new puppy up on the (auto shipping) I will extent my one year guarantee out one more year to two years on the health and genetics.  IF you DO NOT use the AUTOSHIP from the start, there is NO two year GUARANTEE. There is a discount on every bag when ordered on the auto shipment too. You can cancel anytime and the savings will be yours. The schnoodles treat it like candy! Please do this for your new family member.

 The father of this Schnoodle is a Miniature Poodle. He is about 15lbs. The mother is a miniature schnauzer. She is about 16 pounds. The pups should be in the middle.  Looking for schnoodle Puppies for sale or schnoodle Breeders in Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland or Massachusetts? Not a Problem! Puppies can fly on Direct Delta or United Flights into most major airports.  Flights are $200. All of the schnoodles for sale are very friendly and outgoing. This litter of schnoodles is part of a bloodline that goes back about 20 years here at purebredpups. Miniature schnauzers and Miniature Schnoodles were amongst the first breeds that I was a dog breeder of. I have been a professional private schnoodle breeder ever since, holding back only the best tempered schnauzers for breeding. All of the schnoodle puppies for sale receive more than enough love and personal time spent. It shows in all of our puppies! We are within driving distance of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. We welcome you to pick up here! Purebredpups is open by appointment daily.

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