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Female Black and White Miniature Schnoodle Puppy For Sale #8 DOB 10-19-14

Female Black and White Miniature Schnoodle Puppy For Sale #8 DOB 10-19-14 3 Female Black and White Miniature Schnoodle Puppy For Sale #8 DOB 10-19-14 2 Female Black and White Miniature Schnoodle Puppy For Sale #8 DOB 10-19-14
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Iowa's top miniature schnoodle breeder is purebredpups.com  If you have been in pursuit of a black and white schnoodle puppy in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa you should call Brian and Karen Sterrenberg.  They have been breeding schnoodles for over 20 years. All of the puppies for sale come with a one year money back guarantee on health and genetics for the purchase price of the pup.

Have you ever viewed a schnoodle breeder’s website that requires you to take your new puppy to your vet within 72 hour or their guarantee is void?  Not a Purebredpups!  Brian and Karen realize that not only is a vet’s office a great place to pick up an illness for a young puppy, but there is nothing the vet can give at that time to make your trip worth it.  It is recommended by Brian and Karen that you make your appointment for two or three weeks after the schnoodle comes home.  It is only at that time that the vet will be able to give wormer, vaccinations and preventions.  Almost all schnoodle breeders will have a guarantee on their website that needs to be signed in order to buy a puppy from them.  THINK ABOUT IT!  Why should you as the buyer sign it?  Need a little help?  It is because it’s a contract and not a guarantee.  If you look through all the smoke you will see what problems they have by what is not covered in the contract.  Most breeders will rule out everything from heart murmurs to luxating patellas and expect you to sign away.  Do not expect that kind of treatment at Purebredpups! Brian and Karen Sterrenberg have become Iowa’s top dog breeders because they know how to treat dogs and people with the respect that they deserve.

How would you like a two year guarantee?  At Purebredpups it’s easy!  Just sign up to receive the same dog food Brian and Karen are already feeding the puppy.  It is a health food for dogs call Life’s Abundance.  If you order it on the auto ship program you will receive a second year guarantee as long as you remain on it.  Here is the link to order and receive a two year guarantee www.lifesabundance.com/discounts   Life’s Abundance is a dried food.  The food will be delivered to your door.

Have you been considering one of the schnoodle puppies for sale but need shipping?  Not a problem.  The schnoodles can fly out of Minneapolis Minnesota on Delta flights.  Most flights cost over $200 but Brian and Karen sell them for $200 regardless.  There is a $50 fee for a new crate and health certificate. This is required by the airline and the crate is yours to keep.  It will be the right size to start your training too.

Open daily by appointment.  Please call Brian or Karen at 1-641-588-3110 to set up a time to meet their dogs!  Seven days a week! Both Brian and Karen are full time professional dog breeders!  If you have questions you are welcome to call or email brian@purebredpups.com

The best schnoodle breeders in Iowa are waiting to hear from you! 

Request More Information or Call 641-588-3110