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Apricot and White Litter of Cockapoo Puppies DOB 10-9-2018 $975

female Cockapoo Puppy for sale Apricot and white Cockapoo female Female cockapoo pup MN,IA Cockapoos Cockapoos
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How do you know you have the best Cockapoo breeder? There are a bunch of breeders out to make money breeding cockapoos. Most breeders start by breeding a Poodle to a Cocker Spaniel. What do they really know about the parents personalities? Did the breeder buy the breeding parents because of good looks? A good looking dog is very important, but a cockapoo needs to come with the whole package if it is to last a lifetime successfully. Brian and Karen Sterrenberg have been Cocker Spaniel and Cockapoo breeders for over 25 years. All of there puppies are bred for personality. Brian and Karen only hold breeding females back out of what has proven itself to be the best Cocker Spaniel on the farm for that year. Health and genetics too were greatly improved within the first few years of their breeding program. It just makes good sense on all levels to look for the best dog in a breeding program to hold back puppies from. Now, can you imagine what 10 generations of this has led to? The best Cockapoo puppies are for sale right here! Brian and Karen have puppies that work out so much better in a home because they breed for a cat like characteristic. Everyone knows what a problem a barking dog can be. Brian and Karen breed cockapoos to be way more mute. Hypoallergenic? How do you breed for that? There are a good number of white dogs in about any breed that when they get dirty they stain around the feet. Most of the time a dog like that will have crust and color around their eyes too. Maybe even a stained mouth area. These are all very unattractive traits. Once again Brian and Karen's Cockapoo breeding program has solved this problem. By holding back puppies from female breeders that do not stain around paws and eyes, this serious problem is corrected. Most Cockapoo breeders never get past the struggle of health and genetics. Brian and Karen have been known as Iowas' top dog breeder for several years now. They are located in North Iowa near the small town of Joice 50446. Open daily by appointment only. brian@purebredpups.com 1-641-588-3110

Go with a time tested Cockapoo! It will make a big difference! If a dog is going to affect the way you live, why not buy the best?

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