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The Pekingese is a purebred, compact puppy for sale. It comes from Chinese origins, with a heavy front and lighter hindquarters. It’s appealing to many because of its unique temperament: it walks like it looks, lionlike. The Pekingese is a beautiful dog which requires less special attention than you would think.

This available puppy is well balanced and compact. It does have the unique temperament many other breeds do not. Its look implies courage and strength rather than delicacy. You might think these dogs are precious, however, they are more genuine with their love than many other dogs are. Their unique image makes them a curious object for many, and for good reason. As with all the dogs for sale on Purebred Pups, the Pekingese has an affectionate nature.

They do well with other dogs as long as they are properly socialized. Puppies for sale here are already socialized to a point. Each new dog requires new steps for the dog owner.

The Pekingese puppies for sale are usually best as a one-person dog. They can thrive with families, and like older children, but usually prefer a sole owner. They do well in small living areas, which makes them the perfect pet for a smaller apartment or home. And it’s a very laid back dog indoors.

What do you want from a puppy for sale? If you are a fan of beautiful coats of hair on your dog, the Pekingese is the perfect option. Their coat is thick with a soft underneath, and the outer coat is long, straight, and course textured. Their colors are appealing, including gold, cream, black, white, or sable, as well as black and tan combined. They shed their hair about the same as any other dog, even with their thick coats. With regular brushing, it’s easily controllable, which allows you to save time.

The Pekingese average 6-9 inches tall and usually weighs about 6-8 pounds when full grown. For single pet owners, they are a perfect addition to any home or apartment. They have their own personalities, and these puppies for sale come socialized and with a one year guarantee on health genetics. They are the genuine article, looking like regal dogs wherever you take them. Though not the most energetic dog, they are very direct, independent, and have their distinguished individuality.

The Pekingese come from a dog breeder with 12 years experience in breeding high quality puppies. These puppies for sale each offer a unique experience … unique image … and a different kind of companion.