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The Cockapoo designer breed, also known as a hybrid, is the perfect combination of style, intelligence and affection. The poodle passes on its incredible intelligence and its non shedding coat. The poodle also has very little dander, making the Cockapoo hypoallergenic, meaning it's allergy friendly. The cocker spaniel passes on its calm and mellow disposition making this puppy a wonderful family pet, especially with young children.

I have been breeding the Cockapoo for over thirteen years now. My reputation is focused on producing a healthy, high quality, easy to train puppy for your next family pet. Our Cockapoo's are always bred first generation, meaning the puppies parents are always purebred. The mothers are cocker spaniels and range in weight from 15-20 lbs. The males are miniature poodles with a weight between 12-15 lbs. Your full grown Cockapoo puppy should weigh between15-22 lbs. and have a back height of around 10-14 inches. Our Cockapoo's vary in color from white, buff, black, brown and tan, or a any combination of these colors. The Cockapoo's relatively dirt resistant, and water repellent coat can have several different hair types. Such as loose curls, wavy, or straight.

No matter what size, color, or hair type you seek, we know that you will be very satisfied with our selection of Cockapoo puppies. With an average lifespan of fifteen, you can enjoy your new puppy for many years to come.

What is a Cockapoo?
A first-generation Cockapoo (that is, one that has not been bred with any other breed) is a cross between a pure bred Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle, hence the name Cocka (for Cocker Spaniel) Poo (for Poodle).

As with most breeds, the size of a Cockapoo depends upon the size of its parents, but generally speaking they are in the 20-25 pound range when full grown. These beautiful puppies come in a variety of colors, including black, blonde, black and tan and others.

Why adopt a Cockapoo?
Cockapoo puppies have the best traits of both breeds. They have smooth, soft coats like that of a Cocker Spaniel, but without the shedding. And they are easy on the nose, too: Cockapoos don’t have any of that “doggy smell” or dander that can sometimes be off-putting.

If you have a family that includes children, a Cockapoo puppy is a good choice for you. Their temperaments are loving and laid back, not high-strung like a poodle. They are smart and alert but are patient, sweetly natured and these puppies are famously affectionate. Further, Cockapoos are not delicate dogs, and can withstand a little innocent roughhousing such as the king that children like to engage in. These dogs are easily trained and possess good directional sense are highly intelligent. They will enjoy playing fetch, taking trips in the car, swimming and long walks. A Cockapoo puppy will make an excellent addition to your family.

When you bring your Cockapoo puppy home from the breeders, the puppy will adapt easily to his new home. These dogs do not require a lot of physical exercise and can adapt to just about any lifestyle, making them perfect even for apartment dwellers.

Selling points:
1. Cockapoo puppies don’t shed!
2. Cockapoo puppies are non allergenic!
3. The lifespan of a Cockapoo puppy ranges from between 15 and 20 years!
4. Cockapoo puppies are very lovable and personable!
5. Cockapoo puppies are an excellent choice for families with children!
6. Cockapoo puppies are smart, eager to learn and easily trained!

There are many reasons to buy one of the Cockapoo puppies we have for sale. We are a first-rate breeder dedicated to finding every puppy a good home. Contact us now and find the next adorable addition to your family.


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