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Male Teddy Bear Puppy for sale #3 Born April 20th 2013|Ready June 2013|We have been great dog breeders for folks in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota too!

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Puppy ID: 893
Puppy Litter ID: 3
Gender: Male
Litter: Litter Details
Sold Price: $575.00

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Pup Details

This sable Male Shih tzu Bichon Puppy will be ready to go home as early as June 15th, 2013. The father dog in this breeding is a Bichon Frise. The mother dog is a Shih Tzu. These teddy bear puppies will grow to about 12 pounds.  Bichon Shih tzu puppies can be sent on Delta Flights direct out of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota airport. Shipping pups only takes a few hours with a direct flight. Only 150 for an airline ticket. Most shih tzu bichon teddy bear dog breeders charge 250 or more. We are within driving distance of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota. You are welcome to pick up here! Purebred pups is open by appointment daily. Are you looking to adopt a teddy bear puppy but live in FL or NC?  Not a problem!  Most cities are a direct flight on Delta!  All of these Iowa puppies are up for adoption now. Please Call 1-641-588-3110 to purchase. If you are buying a puppy from me you will need to order some food. Here is the link You do not want to switch the food. Order as soon as you can so the food is ready and waiting. Life's Abundance is a premium holistic health food for puppies and adult dogs. The best part is... it cost the same as cheap dog food but has no fillers or bi products. Dogs eat way less than 1$ a day. Most health issues in older dogs are a direct link to the food they were fed in life. This is the perfect time to do the right thing for your new pup and order on the auto shipment program. If you sign your new puppy up on the (auto shipping) I will extent the one year guarantee out one more year to two years on the health and genetics.  The health food is made in Florida, Illinois, and California so delivery will not take long. Teddy bear puppies for sale in Florida, Maryland, and Massachusetts are hard to find and tend to cost a bunch.  Find the very Best Shih tzu Bichon Puppies at in 2013! Most teddy bear breeders in Florida and New Jersey charge Double the Price! Take advantage of our discounted shipping Prices too.  Purebredpups sells Delta and United Flights for about HALF PRICE!  Thats right... Purebredpups sells airline tickets for teddy bears bought here for only $150! Most major airports are direct Flights.  Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami, and Olando Florida, along with about 190 other cities in the USA only Cost $150.  Teddy bear breeders in FL are begging to know how we can fly our teddy bears for so little.  The ansewer is, just buy you new shichon puppy here! Now that we found each other, don't lose out.  Go to the top left of your screen and click that Favorites Botton so you can Bookmark and find us again.

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