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Female Dark Tan Cavachon Puppy for sale|Cavachon Breeder selling Cavachon Puppies for less tan Most Cavachon Breeders in Massachusetts

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Puppy ID: 798
Puppy Litter ID: 5
Gender: Female
Litter: Litter Details
Sold Price: $675.00

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Pup Details

This Dark Tan female Cavachon puppy was born on January 25, 2013. The cavachons for sale will be ready to go home March 21st, 2013.  The Climate in Massachusetts will be great for starting a cavachon puppy.  The mother dog of the Cavachons is a Bichon Frise. The father dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The cavachon puppies should be about 13-19 lbs. as a full grown dog. This Cavachon litter is very playful and outgoing.  We have both males and females are available.  Puppies can fly on direct Delta flights out of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota airport. Minneapolis, Minnesota is a hub for Delta. Shipping a puppy only takes a few hours with a direct flight. Airline tickets to Boston Massachusetts (BOS) along with over 100 other cities are sold here for $150. Most cavachon breeders charge over $300! We are within driving distance of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota. You are welcome to pick up your new Cavachon puppy here! Purebredpups is open by appointment daily. Make an appointment today! The next litter of cavachon puppies for sale will post in a few weeks! Bookmark I will post them when they are born. (641)588-3110 If you are buying a puppy from me you will need to order some food. Here is the link You do not want to switch the food. Order as soon as you can so the food is ready and waiting. Life's Abundance is a premium holistic health food for puppies and adult dogs. The best part is... it costs the same as cheap dog food but has no fillers or bi products. Cavachons eat way less than 1$ a day. Most health issues in older dogs are a direct link to the food they were fed in life. This is the perfect time to do the right thing for your new pup and order on the auto shipping program. If you sign your new puppy up on the (auto shipping) I will extend my one year guarantee out one more year to two years on the health and genetics. Purebredpups sells cavachons for less than most Cavachon Breeders in Massachusetts. A Massachusetts Cavachon breeder may charge over $1000. Cavachons for sale at purebredpups are as low as $575! Enjoy a nice Spring in Boston this year with a new Cavachon Puppy! Right now Purebredpups is running discounted shipping into all major airports like, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Newark NJ, Fort Lauderdale FL, Charlotte NC, Providence RI, Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, Harrisburg PA, Raleigh-Durham NC, and many more. Purebredpups sells shipping on Delta for about half the Price. That right.. We sell Delta airline tickets for only $150 to customers that buy from us!

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